Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts about our purpose

In recent studies I have been impressed with the Western Renaissance and Enlightenment time periods. They seemed to still highly prize the inner journey, personal growth, self actualization. They seemed excited about their new tools. Enthusiastic about themselves and what they could bring forth. They were playing in a very real sense, and I found myself wondering; when did the American Dream replace personal fulfillment. When did material wealth push aside other forms of wealth? When were we ever so materially satisfied but so personally unfulfilled?

Our founding fathers seemed to still have this quality. We have lost a cultural and personal quality that provided a deeper way to appreciate life, and we lost it within the last two centuries. Maybe it has just atrophied from disuse. Maybe it is still there just waiting to be revived. I imagine it sitting just below the surface, you can see it at times, dehydrated by the nearly singular appreciation for monetary wealth. It waits for water to be poured into it, it waits to be revived and rebuilt for the information age.

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