Saturday, March 08, 2008

Drinking with Hank Jr.

A Country Boy Can survive
by Hank Williams Junior.
God I can get drunk to this song.
Karaoke was born of drunk fathers
singing laments
in the kitchen
after drinking whiskey
for hours.
Life is harder for
for those with expectations
that don't meet
modern expectations.
Hank Jr. knew that.
Everyone from Tulsa knows that.
Some people are proud to survive
Some expect to thrive
Some expect more
and suffer for it.
My best friends from youth
knew to celebrate survival
they stayed in town
they married local
they got a job out of college
and kept it.
I didn't know shit.
Eight colleges.
A dozen towns.
What I didn't know
I learned
in my own way,
but strong.
I married in the town
I matured in.
You know what I mean.

I'm still not like you,
but you can like me know.

She had several small holes in her panties.
Her skirt,
so punk and school girl
four years earlier, was
frayed at the edges.
All quietly betraying
a wife used hard, a young mother
who has chosen poorly
more than once;
so much like her mom.

My old selves surface
in a flood of easy drunkenness
they surface and sing
they all know the country tunes
they all know how to make me feel
they are tyrants,
people I've been.
I've finally escaped them
and I've usurped control
but they are still family
so I listen
and suffer
as little as necessary
for their familiar support.

My uncle had
good taste in music
he smoked out
and enjoyed his friends
children seemed to strip him
of these enjoyments
he seems narrower in some small way
even though I know he chose right.

I am responsible for the police forces
of an entire nation
at least how they are organized
and vetted
as true.
this adds a bit of pressure to my day.
I am not given the budget or time to properly
prepare for the problems
of a formative
war torn nation,
but I do my best.
We all do
but stress follows
unbeckoned, but expected.

Lift a glass to the obsessive personality
organizing your infrastructure
you are lucky to have him
and unlucky that
he is so time impoverished.

My hong kong,
and eastern block friends
should drink whatever you drink
drink deep
(I'll drink two to your one)
and listen to Hank Williams junior.

Then you will hear me
time zones away
in family karaoke
of the first order.
Dad is full of passion again
drinking and singing
of simple life
and family devotion.

They know they have this
often unhinged scion
trailing behind them
with a lifetime of
and trial
fueling every over aggressive
and deed
in their favor.

Ask yourself if you have
anyone at all
as devoted and desperate to fulfill your destiny
as this whisky bet relative offers.

Bring on hell
sounds relaxing.

Bring on poverty
sounds restful.

Bring on disdain
sounds familiar
and clean.

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