Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes I Wish but Don't Mean It, Not Really

I wish I was less experienced,
maybe even oblivious,
aware of the obvious
aware of only enough
to navigate the room
to the fridge,
and bed.

Then, I think
Then I could just
kick back and ride it out.
I could ease in and watch days pass
like a child
looking out a school bus window,
occasionally wiping the fog in a circle
so I could get a better look
but detached enough
to just watch
and think
about lunch
and the cute
girl across the isle.

When asked how your day was
how do you most often reply

Ask yourself every day
score it on a scale
record the daily value
chart this out

(Selfawareness for those
stuck in ruts)

If it is below a certain score
you really should make some
changes -
screw risk!
an average of a two
can not stand
you must make a change
you simply won't make it otherwise
you can score a two in jail
in the nuthouse
working at fast food.
You've got to do something.

Numbers help the overly conscious
to select lines of reason
and feel firm in a decision

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