Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughts on Time and Living

Worry for retirement:
one link in a short chain
binding hands and feet
restraining us from acting
leaving us conservative of mind
hoping against change
desiring stasis,

like all future states
should be planned for
but unworried.
The unforeseen is the majority
of the future.
Store away your savings,
your potential energy.
Relieve yourself from debt
so you can react freely
when change comes.

Now prepared,
hope for change
not stasis.

Life is closer to surfing
than mountain climbing.
Life is closer to hand gliding
than horse races.

Its about balance
and conflicting currents.

There is no race.
There is no prize.
There are no competitors
and no spectators.
We simply live.
The only ones really
faring better than others
are those enjoying their brief time more.
Those that smiled more,
lived freely
as themselves,
and found others
to love along the way.

There is nowhere to go
where life does not end.
There is no reason to think
that we won't each die unexpectedly.
No achievement changes the basic equation
that each moment is vastly more real
and potent than imagined future.

The power that is dynamic social change
resides in the present.
Now, is an elemental power
through which every potent human intention has transpired.
Before you commit to acting
return to the middle
return to now
before you act
Before you commit to acting
pull those aroun dyou to the middle
return them to the center
make them aware of now
the present.
The power of social change
is in our feet, hands and hunger
it is the present
and nothing else.

The duration can only be valued
by the quality of the duration.
Optimal goals enrich the duration
by their pursuit, and their achievement.

Our challenge is simple
live free, live well,
and live as true selves
to the extent achieveable.

To be more free, we must be free of debt.
To be free to choose our own goals
we must be free of conflicting desires
we must be free of deliterious goals
we must be free to value
our daily lives
we must be free to value
the duration more than
imagined future states
while still remaining free to imagine.

We each possess the
resource of time
which we must spend
to survive
Time is the true means of production
Time is the most personally limited resource
This is the land we sell
for beads
and trinkets.

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