Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Natural Sport

The first time I imagined putting my hand on a girls breast I was reading a book. It was the first time a book had opened my eyes. A very distinct and lastly impression was made. I remember a pause in reading; replay scene; curious and pleased expression. I had already thought of kissing a girl of course, but kissing her and putting my hand on her breast was new. I appreciated the advance in perspective. My depth of imagination was increased.

Doors of this type can be opened only once. Reading is hunting for new perspective, increase in imaginative ability, and new understanding. Reading and listening, books and lectures, active and passive experience: I have not stopped the pursuit, and I don't think I ever will. It is my natural sport.


domboy said...

Some of my best memories are things I've experienced in books.

Mariposa said...


this comment has nothing to do with your blog.

of course, i've enjoyed it all.


but i clicked on some of your links and WOW is that the cutest baby girl i have ever seen!! i do have to define cutest baby GIRL because i have boys and, well, there aren't any cuter. and i'm not really a baby gusher. babies are just babies. but she really is quite beautiful.

and now, i'm done.

Technomonk said...

domboy - I agree totally. I wonder if the experiences that I had inside books and those I had outside of them are really treated with significant difference by my brain. How seperate are they really?

mariposa - Thanks! Of course she is simply the most amazing creature I have ever witnessed, but I have some hardwired genetic predisposition to that opinion :-)