Monday, June 02, 2008

Remember Tommy

Tommy was killed by debris. He was hit just after getting off shift at Dreamers, the adult video store off the interstate near campus. It was June first, hot as hell, and he had two hours to get home, eat, smoke-out, masturbate, get to his second job, and clock in. IHOP management is very time sensitive. So he was in a hurry.

Tommy was hit on the top of his head midway from the video store door to his car. His friend and dealer, Jeremy, says it was the same spot JFK was hit, but it wasn't, plus one was a bullet and one was a huge metal tank. Tommy was crushed to a pulp, smoothie grade. No large chunks, nothing for his mother to cry over but a wet sticky mess in an adult video store parking lot. She was always so happy that he hadn't gone to Iraq, but he was killed by debris, space debris no less. The formal NASA spokesperson sent Tommy’s mom a letter indicating that a holding tank jettisoned from one of the final shuttle launches got thrown off course by a freak series of atmospheric disturbances. That is how the report read, "disturbances." You clearly don't investigate "a freak series of atmospheric disturbances"; you just send flowers and lawyers and move on. Unless you are Tommy, pathetic yes, but that was his right and he was enjoying his freedom to be a looser. He will not be moving on, unless we count the parts of his soup that stuck to the tank and were hauled away to government locations undisclosed.

We shouldn't mourn him less because his definition of "moving on" was always in the opposite direction from the majority. We shouldn't care less, because he ended up a dirty spot in a porn store parking lot. Don't trivialize what he lost, what his family lost, otherwise you are valuing life based on how it adheres to your personal vision of "should" and "aught", and once we start doing this, minority groups beware, and I don’t mean ethnic here; I mean ideological. We can all find ourselves on the outside of the prevailing list of "should" items collectively drafted in the mind of the current majority. I will not forget Tommy soon. His death was so pathetic and memorable that I probably won't ever forget it. Tommy’s peculiar demise will remain a counter balance for my personal decision making and for how I vote from now on. I say, Remember Tommy.


ds said...

that's pretty good.

Technomonk said...

Thanks ds!