Monday, July 28, 2008

Form Flatters Function

Sobbing: "Why are you doing this?"

Pausing: "I believe in the power of symbolism."

Big Sobs: "Why me? What did I do wrong?"

Insulted: "This is not punishment. You did nothing wrong that I know of. Even if you had done something as wrong as to deserve this for reward, I would not stand as your judge. I am no judge of people. That is not within my nature."

Sniffing: "Then why are you doing this?"

Back to Work: "When the pathetic mushrooms in white lab coats receive bullets, plucked from vintage dark grain wood paneling by Neanderthals in blue uniforms, they will be excited. They will find quality prints on each bullet. They will feel lucky. They will easily match those prints to you. How will this make them feel?"

Unwilling to Answer

Answering: "They will feel smart. They will pass the fruits of their genius back to the Neanderthals, who will promptly start looking for you. Your record will come to light along the way, and they will begin looking for a prime suspect."

Mad: "Why me?"

Matter of Fact: "You were small of stature and looked like your will had been bent by a crushing life. You looked like you had given up recently. People in this state of mind are the easiest to fool, manipulate and physically manage. You fit my needs and you crossed my path when my needs were at their peak."

Worried: "They'll know it wasn't me. When they find me, they'll know. They will figure it out."

Working: "In their minds, they will have figured it out before they ever find you. They will have no other evidence or suspects. They will be at a dead end. They will have no interest in assuming it was not you. But, as you say, they will eventually figure it out. We will help them. The pieces will fall into place. My point will be made, and your small role will help me make it, and in a way you will help them realize that you are not perpetrating this. They will realize that you were a victim too."

Scared: "I can describe your appearance, but I won't. I won't help them. Let me go now and I won't tell anyone. I'll just blend back in and you'll never see me again."

Finished with Prints: "I want you to help them and me. You can help everyone. Now, sit very still."


Chopping: "I need these. I am going to exonerate you with these. Each shot to the temples and chests of the current administration with bear one of your beautiful finger prints. Each symbol will be followed by the delivery of the same dainty finger, which left the print that their smart little mushrooms will find."

Panic: "No more. No more. Please."

Tagging: "You see why I must keep them organized. There can't be a single flaw in the communication of a new symbol. To have the greatest impact a new meme like this one must be simple, immediate, flawless and bright red. We will achieve all four."

Shock: "Please, no more. No more. Please."

Pity: "We are already done: Congratulations. The hard part is now over; relax. Your part in this play will be remembered and written about for years to come. In this way, I'm not shortening your life expectancy, I'm lengthening it."


Affection: "I can give you everything you've asked me for now. I'm done here. You will be remembered almost as long as I am."




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I was trying out a different voice\genre :-)

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wicked awesome. read it several times. got better each reading.