Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Revelatory Trimming

I find myself wanting to say what life is;
a new way to appreciate old meanings,
a fresh reason to shoulder the load
a little longer.

Each time I want to write a revelation
I realize I've simply understood
another item that life clearly isn't;
scales of unrealistic expectations
shedding into the daily wake.

I've been writing this same nothing for months.
This little poem commemorates
the disappointment,
the uninvited clarity
the cold hard truth I'm beginning
to befriend.

All revelations are not additive
and in a society of overselling
its not a surprise that revelations
are often subtractive.

some revelations trim
and cut
and reduce us
until we are ready to grow
in an improved direction
and these don't naturally motivate me to write
instead they leave me quiet,
sitting, thinking, drinking.

Revelatory trimming
leaves me thoughtful:
Wondering why so many lies were deemed necessary
and how long it will take to purge them all.
Wondering how many do I have left,
and feeling embarrassed every time,
but better, cleaner,
and feeling a little closer to everything.


Mariposa said...

i find myself feeling wholly betrayed. not sure by what or whom exactly. just everything. but each time i try to assign blame, it seems to always come back to me. i chose to believe/accept something that someone else sold me. perhaps most of us choose not to think for ourselves because of the indescribable pain that goes along with each revelation. lovely post. thank you.

Technomonk said...

Lovely comment :-) I crafted several responses, but erased them all. I prefer yours.