Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Social Lament

The older I get,
the more broken I feel.

Social situations,
have become uneasy.

Each interaction,
challenges my new poverty.

I wonder why,
have I begun to slide away.


domboy said...

What used to come naturally now takes work, and work seems so much more taxing than before.

Mariposa said...

really, really sucks. sliding away like that. or perhaps we're becoming more enlightened in our middlish age and simply cannot be bothered with meaningless social practices.

Technomonk said...

I wonder if we experience progressively more social pressure to behave "normally" as we age. If we do, where does it come from? How much of it is completely internal?

Anonymous said...

i believe the pressure is equally within and without. personally, i am finding it easier to remember myself as i get older and slough off others and their naggings to be "normal". it has come down to choosing between conformity or sanity. so far they are comparably painful but the latter affords me some measure of clarity and dignity.