Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Strange Gig

He calls his Bently
his "bent bent".

He calls his wife
his "shorty".

He's an idiot
but he pays really good.

He doesn't talk properly
He doesn't think straight
He can't focus for long
He fights good though
and he is hard core loyal.

He drags me to bars
showing me off as his whitey,
his "genius boy".

He gets violent
at the smallest slight.

He loves a fight.

He throws fists when
anyone messes with me.

I try to hide in a corner
sipping whatever his friends buy me.

He won't let me hide though
pressuring me to play pool
to stand under lights
so eyes can better focus on me.

He loves a fight.

He calls it play time
as long as guns don't come out.
He calls that business.

Its a strange job
but even thugs need
a programmer in their posse
to keep their edge.

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Mariposa said...

very cool. very cool.