Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What Times are These

I wonder what times are these
that I'm living.
I wonder if we are slipping
or simply adjusting
to improve our grip.

I am recently realizing, that
birth is an involuntary
assignment of
space time location.
You are where you are,
four dimensionally.
You don't make your time
but your time makes you.

You are a sum of your experience,
you are a product of your environment.

You are just beginning to realize that
you have never had a free will.
You still don't,
you never will.

All action is response.

What times are these
that I'm living?
Should I look up or down?
Should I hope or hide?
Should I record something for the future,
or will the future
find its own

Know thyself, said the oracle.
Know your space time location
and you know half of it, said the new man.

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