Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freedom from Control is Having It

I hear the voices of leadership talking down to us about class warfare. I hear their words repeated as wisdom. You hear them too. We hear class conflict put down as if it was nothing more than reaching hands looking for something not earned. Demeaning the desire for equality as jealousy, implying that those in need don't work hard enough, or have chosen an easy path.

I hear the concept of class struggle pushed aside under the guise of greater enlightenment, as if their eyes beheld higher goals than wealth and goods. In this way these voices shift the argument out from under the truth. The goal of class warfare is control, not physical wealth. My heart does not burn with jealousy for greater ability to consume. We don't need more stuff, we need more control. I'd skip a meal every day, if the people paying for where the country is going could control where its going to - and NO voting every couple years is not working.
It is not greater consumption the 90% has been slowly robbed of, that is a diversion, white noise created so the majority can sleep easier. Look past the diversion and you will see a single beating drive fueling discontent: Control. Massive inbalance in wealth is simply a symptom of a much greater imbalance of control. It is control that must flow back into the hands of the 90%. It is all about control. The 10% resist dialog about class inequality because they fear the loss of control. The 90% grow angrier because they increasingly realize how little control they have. So what are we? What has the 10% become if control has been stolen? I'm asking you to put a name to the reality of our position in society.

Class warfare should be avoided when its about money or goods, but it should be embraced when its about control. Power should rest in the hands of those whose backs bear the burden. Only burden gives right of control. This is a critical balance a free state must maintain in order to remain free. A populace will not tolerate abuse for long. The abused hits back, given time. Given enough disrespect. Given enough suffering. It is only a matter of time, not if. If, is a certainty. We will rise up and take back control, the only variable is time. When we decide enough is enough, there will be no stopping us. 90% of us can drown the opprossors in our blood alone, but that won't be required. We only have to stand up and reach for control, and NOT the honey pot of greater consumption or the illusion of security. Reaching for these abdicates responsibility for freedom. The only security we can trust is control gripped in our fists. Not in one man's fist, or a few, but 90% of hands clenched around control forming a fist, a fist that easily trivializes any obstacles. That is freedom, that is security, that is where the heart of every free individual beats and hungers to reside.

Those bearing the burden are responsible and have purchased the right to control through their labor.

We are not free until we have regained control.

If is a certainty, when is a variable.

We are the ones that need to wake up.

We are the sole source of change.


Mariposa said...

what do we DO? we can recognize it and complain about it, but what can we DO?!

Technomonk said...

Indeed. I've been thinking of an appropriate response, that will also be satisfying - difficult. I've found that each time I try to answer the question it doesn't satisfy the hunger to DO something, or it does but not enough. I'll start posting up bits and pieces as soon as I have an approach. Good comment :-)