Thursday, August 28, 2008

fresh prospective

The daily builds up scabs
deliberate and patiently slow.
So incremental as to escape
a good efficient drunk
blows out the cobwebs
leaving soulish scabs
and calluses scattered
over the bedroom floor
the bathroom
the hallway
the entry.
Tracks of renewal
following me to a wake up.

Slight wince as I notice
the hang-over.
A half smile spread as I notice
it was worth it.

No regrets when you need it.

I get up early,
shave and pay attention to the detail,
Open up the office before dawn
sporting my wake-up-smile
worn out from the therapy,
but ready to keep moving,

The marching days
always stretching out
always in my face
this morning they feel
like they are humping to glory
not shuffling home from defeat.
The union heading south,
and not Lee moving from
lost field to lost field.
Today vibrates a little more
open to my

There is room for creativity here.
Space for crafting a style
of life.
Couldn't see that clearly yesterday
Hard to focus through the build up.
Lens must be cleared
on shirt tails.
Purpose must be cleared
on the tail of discipline
pulled out for an evening.

Yeah its a massive drunk
shots, beers,
phone timer to pace the shots
thirty minutes to agave
with beers interstitial.
keep 'em coming bartender.
keep 'em coming.

I'm a good boy,
I take my medicine with a smile.
I say thank you for that one,
another please.

Its worth it,
and when its worth it
there are no regrets,
just appreciation.

Don't worry,
I'll tuck in my discipline.
I'm just cleaning these glasses
for an improved perspective
for a fresh prospective.

Thanks Dionysus
I owe you one

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Stacy said...

a surefire cure for a heartache, or just plain boredom