Friday, August 29, 2008

Revel in the strength of your friends

Life has recently been easy enough
(speaking in scope of human history)
that we have forgotten why
why we have friends:
The ancient primal reason
we first stood side to side
with those not kin.

Life has been easy enough
we have lapsed into
looking for entertainment ,
diversion, or other low
drives to friendship.

Originally, friends were for strength
for support in crisis
for tooth and nail
for bloody companions.
We have friends so we can kill better.
We have friends so we are harder to kill.

so we can laugh
a little more,
side benefit,
a bonus,
but not a reason.

Maybe we don't need to kill as often,
but competition is just as great.
Forces still struggle to subdue
us, to make batteries of the other.
Friends are still needed for a fight;
a fight for independence,
a fight to spend our short lives
serving our own purposes, and
not those
of others.

We should remember,
if we intend to live free,
why humans first made
friends with each other:
tooth and nail,
ancient reasons,
still needed.

I won't say wake up,
I say look around
and appreciate
your friends
from a different perspective.

I won't say wake up,
I say prepare for
the fight that may
be required.

I say,
Revel in the strength of your friends.

Written as the first, very small, response to a question posed...

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