Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yirmumah #2

Technomonk as drawn by Yirmumah

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yirmumah #1

Technomonk as drawn by Yirmumah

420 x 105

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hope for Good Rolling

Love your self
and don't wish for death,
it will come on its own.
Be wary of the death lovers
and the claims they make.
Vet them all against their goals,
their hoped for rewards.

Love each other
and this living we share.
Give your woman affection,
hug your kid, and point eyes
not at death
but at an appreciated life.
We have to experience
this meaty but short
duraton, we are all logs
rolled down hills.
Hope for good rolling,
hope for pleasing yourself
and others.

Waste of Life

Perfection leaves no room
for affection
or love.
Perfection is the cold
realization of an approximation,
an apoplexy of personal loss,
a mimic of death by the living,
and a waste of something possessed
in fear of its future misuse.

Perfection allows for a sole direction,
a finite path of change representing many styles
all sharing a single solitary goal:

No one longing for death
can comfort you
or be trusted to be a partner
in living life.
No one looking forward to loss of life, can enrich it.
No one worshipping a path of death can appreciate it
or their fellow travelers through it.

Perfection is Living Death

Those trying to be perfect
struggling to match a perfect
become more and more dead
to this world
as they progress
until after too much
they live in a half-life
,zombie state,
of constant struggle
to prevent change
real or realized
fighting to cease

These worshipers of the
living death
are hard to love
because they can't
value anything living
changing or growing.

Pefection is fully realized
needs no change
needs no optimization
needs no living
life. Why polish
a perfect mirror?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Formative Moments

Some days
are just good,
despite how hard they are.

These days
are remembered,
despite how old they become.

They are remembered
because they were good,
good because they were
formative, and we dare not
deny ourselves
an identity.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Be Reasonable

This world has forgotten to love you, forgotten to notice, forgotten to aid, shelter and provide for you. It has no reason to remember. I has no reason. Expect these things from the handful of people surrounding you, they can be more easily replaced, or improved when they fail. Lament friends not systems.

It does matter

An old man fat with retirement
stares across cheap used tables,
around plastic salt and pepper shakers,
and other little social barriers of the local
tex-mex diner we're eating in,
annoying me like a phantom

I look up, initially hoping that will be
enough, but it isn't. He looks back
and I try to ignore him, move on to
other thoughts. What was I thinking
about before?
Can't recall.
I keep looking back to check the status
can't keep my mind focused, I keep
needing to return, like soothing
the edge of the rug after vacuuming.
It doesn't matter, but you have to.

Modern life, leaves dozens of these
little sticky items floating around
my head, mundane to important, I
keep looking back, Russia, Election,
floods, oil change, stereo feature still not
working properly. Don't want to
call the help line, hate waiting,
it should just work...

It does matter,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

positive apocolypse

The singularity is the positive apocolypse.

The singularity fits nicely across the edge of the map. It can be anticipated, signs of progress will always point towards it. When it comes governments will fall, economies will collapse, and social order will be wiped away. In the wake of these will arise a new humanity, with new economies and governements. As a beacon across the edge of the map it keeps my feet pointed in the direction of scientific progress and its contemplation leads to fresh conceptions of how we live and work.

I hope my daughter lives to see the singularity. She will be especially well suited to new humanity, at least I will strive to make her ready for it.

I wonder if a truly free state will be possible before the singularity, or will we have to wait until everyone can eat before we decide to be free.

If eternal life comes to man before the singularity we will have gods again, and we will be oppressed. If eternal life comes to man after the singularity, we will become gods ourselves and we will be free.

Age gives no indication of years remaining,
only the number accumulated.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Knowledge without imagination is stagnant.
Without imagination there is no change.

Imagination without knowledge is empty.
Without knowledge there is no substance.

When ignorance fills imagination
superstitions follow.
When knowledge fills imagination
understanding follows.

Life can be enhanced through the imaginative application of knowledge.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Its a start

I aim to be a libertarian parent
raising the next generation's
radical reformation leader.

I believe in the U.S.
I believe that we can slap
down the embarrassing
conformist thinking that
typifies what is wrong
with the current electorate.

Never forget,
we are the problem.
The citizens of any state
allow themselves to be ruled.
We rebel, we protest, we blog
its a start.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was at lunch with an older blond lady. I worked at a loan office in Oklahoma City while I was enjoying my sixth or seventh year of college, mid-90s. I was twenties, getting old for college. She was forties, an aging party girl. While driving us back from lunch, she asked if I minded whether we stopped off at Home Depot on the way back, "No, its cool. I'm in no hurry."

Home Depot's lawn and garden section had potted plants laid out in rows in a side section of the parking lot. She parks next to a line of shrubs, and gets out of the car, "Wait here, this won't take a minute."

She opens her trunk, picks up three baby shrubs and puts them into the trunk. Then she gets back in the car, smiling, "Let's hit Sonic for a slushy. Its too nice of a day to head right back to the office."

We slowly drove off to get our slushies, with our stolen baby shrubs in the trunk.

Reasonable Thought Recession

Its nine eleven again
and this is my memorial poem
for this year two thousand and eight.
I'm still not scared of terrorists
they really aren't a threat to me.
I'm becoming more scared of my
government, they are threatening
every one of us. That is how
I remember nine eleven now
as the excuse to take away my
civil liberties, slowly
slowly, with lies and explanations
that no thought could
help but disbelieve,
but thought
is in a recession
two consecutive quarters
of decline.

non-taxable assets

I have friends
to drink with
smoke with
and share opinions with
I won't forget to count
this in when I have
to tally up the
"is it all worth it"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You're Not Seeing Me

you're not seeing me.
I'm talking
but no amount of reasoning
or preparation can get
my thoughts through.
I'm backing it up with
actions, daily living
puncuates my voice
but to no effect.
You're not seeing me
and there is no
way around that.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Sickness of Perfection

When you begin feeling
a little perfect, you
are having a crisis.
It may be mortal or
it may be temporary,
either way you should slap yourself
and do something clearly
That is the only way to remedy
the sickness of perfection.
Do not let it fester.
Do not let it be at ease.
Throw it out on its ass
and have a wild drunk to let it know
beyond a shadow of a doubt that it
There is too much life here.
to throw it all away on a blinding
malady of the soul, like perfection.

You can not be perfect and grow
You can not be perfect and change
You can not be perfect and gain or loose
You can not be perfect and have a purpose
You can not be perfect and love another

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Comfortably Imperfect

The best life is lived by the comfortably imperfect.

Life can't be perfect, because we live it. We aren't perfect or perfectable. Our nature is more flexible that any single vision of perfection would allow. We don't just look at our lives projected on a screen or laid out in text we can edit to adhere to a set of rules. Some try, and for all their struggle they earn the life they deserve, one that will ultimately disappoint. They are imperfect (read as human) and their delusions rob them of comfort and ease in their own skin. No one alive can achieve a perfect life. If that is the goal, disappointment remains a certain outcome.

When choosing an example to emulate (we decide who influences us) notice if they are comforatble with their imperfection.

The comfortably imperfect have the opportunity to represent the best we can achieve.

The comfortably imperfect have the freedom to enjoy this life.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Overall Structure of Your File

Reading a technical blog this morning:
"...visualize the overall structure of your file."
I read "file."
as "life."

Its early Friday, 6:49am,
following a Thursday night Happy Hour,
so a moment was required,
to parse it out, and
realize the misread.

I like the end
of the senentence
the way I read it,


A gross enough level of abstraction brings anything to perfection
A fine enough level of abstraction brings anything to
to what
what is the opposite of perfection
if it has no opposite or if an opposite
would necessarily have to describe everything
then maybe perfection describes the absence of something
like cold, being nothing in itself but the absence of heat
perfection, being nothing in itself but the absence of
of what
what does perfection describe the absence of, but
change, vital living change
perfection is the absence of change
and there exists no life without change
all life is in flux
it sputters and errs
and learns and cares
change is the work of life
and perfection is the absence of change
the absence of life.

Beware of Death Lovers

If any man were to ever
maintain a state of
he would have to cease living
to the extent possible
and truly he would only
be perfect to the extent he
could achieve
this living
of perfection.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Like the Meantime

I tried being perfect
more than once
for years these experiments would run
failures all
no suprise that
Now I'm trying to be happy
that will fail too of course
but the exercise will be
more enjoyable.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Left Behind

I have a massive headache.
my desk is in a break room.
I have to wear headphones
all day long just to be
able to focus on my work.
I have no free time at home,
nothing. I just leave work
to go home and do more chores
always more, never cleaned up
never caught up, clothes left
on the back of the couch,
nothing done well, barely done
at all, ideas left undeveloped
plans left unrealized, life
on hold, forcibly reformed
into another shape, left

Imagination: Threat to Companies and Nations

Hang overs aren't that bad
when you are used to them.
They ache a bit
but so much else
aches too
it just blends into
the symphony of the daily.

Hang-overs aren't the ache
that distracts from thought
its the left over pain
of explanations given
to middle management
to those with titles
pinned to their chests
like so many precious
participation awards.

Real distracting pain
is teaching meeting mules
to imagine, to decide
and to appreciate
anything that is not
past, proven or approved.

Imagination... cannot be given.
Imagination... cannot be constrained.
Imagination... cannot wait for approval.
Imagination... too rare.
Imagination... risk.