Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hope for Good Rolling

Love your self
and don't wish for death,
it will come on its own.
Be wary of the death lovers
and the claims they make.
Vet them all against their goals,
their hoped for rewards.

Love each other
and this living we share.
Give your woman affection,
hug your kid, and point eyes
not at death
but at an appreciated life.
We have to experience
this meaty but short
duraton, we are all logs
rolled down hills.
Hope for good rolling,
hope for pleasing yourself
and others.


domboy said...

I’ve seen people waste away their lives in grief over a death. It seems self-indulgent and misses the whole point of appreciating existence. Roll with it and laugh, laugh, laugh.

domboy said...

Sorry, I realize this was about people who focus on an “afterlife”, but I was spurred to comment on something not entirely related :)

Extra Gravy said...

In my mind these are not very different considerations except that the sweetest tea is much more of a comfort. :-)