Monday, September 15, 2008

It does matter

An old man fat with retirement
stares across cheap used tables,
around plastic salt and pepper shakers,
and other little social barriers of the local
tex-mex diner we're eating in,
annoying me like a phantom

I look up, initially hoping that will be
enough, but it isn't. He looks back
and I try to ignore him, move on to
other thoughts. What was I thinking
about before?
Can't recall.
I keep looking back to check the status
can't keep my mind focused, I keep
needing to return, like soothing
the edge of the rug after vacuuming.
It doesn't matter, but you have to.

Modern life, leaves dozens of these
little sticky items floating around
my head, mundane to important, I
keep looking back, Russia, Election,
floods, oil change, stereo feature still not
working properly. Don't want to
call the help line, hate waiting,
it should just work...

It does matter,

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