Saturday, September 06, 2008

Comfortably Imperfect

The best life is lived by the comfortably imperfect.

Life can't be perfect, because we live it. We aren't perfect or perfectable. Our nature is more flexible that any single vision of perfection would allow. We don't just look at our lives projected on a screen or laid out in text we can edit to adhere to a set of rules. Some try, and for all their struggle they earn the life they deserve, one that will ultimately disappoint. They are imperfect (read as human) and their delusions rob them of comfort and ease in their own skin. No one alive can achieve a perfect life. If that is the goal, disappointment remains a certain outcome.

When choosing an example to emulate (we decide who influences us) notice if they are comforatble with their imperfection.

The comfortably imperfect have the opportunity to represent the best we can achieve.

The comfortably imperfect have the freedom to enjoy this life.

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