Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was at lunch with an older blond lady. I worked at a loan office in Oklahoma City while I was enjoying my sixth or seventh year of college, mid-90s. I was twenties, getting old for college. She was forties, an aging party girl. While driving us back from lunch, she asked if I minded whether we stopped off at Home Depot on the way back, "No, its cool. I'm in no hurry."

Home Depot's lawn and garden section had potted plants laid out in rows in a side section of the parking lot. She parks next to a line of shrubs, and gets out of the car, "Wait here, this won't take a minute."

She opens her trunk, picks up three baby shrubs and puts them into the trunk. Then she gets back in the car, smiling, "Let's hit Sonic for a slushy. Its too nice of a day to head right back to the office."

We slowly drove off to get our slushies, with our stolen baby shrubs in the trunk.

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