Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day

I have been preoccupied with the election this year. Not just who to vote for, but the issues debated, and especially those not debated. Prolonged reflection on politics (1.5 year election cycle) has been forced me to consider modern politics. This election cycle has had a profound affect on my political views. Not due to what any campaign has specifically said, but due to the long process and continual consideration of the issues, especially the issues that aren't said, the subtext of our society. I have come to believe that we live in interesting times, this is our lot and our woe. We have a duty to take them seriously. I have a duty. This is one of the products of reflection.

I don't refer to my duty to vote. That is easily done. Nor to supporting my candidate, easily done as well. The duty I feel is the duty to look past the political parades and polemics. The urging and push i feel internally is to form political principles that I can apply to arguments of politicians, of any nation. I do not restrict my thoughts to the united states alone. Who can look at the world and think they must only be concerned with their own nation? I can not. I desire principles that any world citizen could embrace and apply to their own politicians. Principles and ideas that humans could mutually discuss and evolve. Principles beyond nations. Nations are old antiquated notions that are only used to move populations and distract them from the unsettling new world dynamics. We are all interconnected, and we need a set of human political principles that can form a foundation for any world citizen to cut through political rhetoric and clarify what we are hearing so we can have a wise respond even when we often can't possibly be fully informed (we have jobs to work, and some of these issues are made complicated in order to persuade\deceive).

Universal political principles must be clear, easy to remember and not culturally or nationally biased. They must be tools in the hands of the uneducated and the hyper educated. These principles should be capable of founding all aspects of human governance, and clarifying the evolution of their implementation.

The first decade of our new millennium has taken a toll on my mind and emotions. I have been shaken, and my childish\easy faith in government has been lost. The actions of our leaders have put too much reality in our faces to ever believe their words again, the old rhetoric has been falsified in the dramatic court room revelation of crisis after crisis.

We must take responsibility back. There is no responsibility without power. No one but everyone, can be trusted with political power. I vote no confidence in the paternal representational system I was born under. I vote no confidence in specialists, experts, and professional politicians. I vote no confidence in a few people holding the power and responsibility for the world I live in and that I am raising my daughter in.

I voted for the best choice I was given in my nation, but I no longer believe that action is my sole political responsibility. That is not the definition of my place in the system. I vote no confidence in the governments of the world. I will begin immediately to satisfy my need to have a universal principle with which to clarify the confusing leadership, and the convoluted and unbalanced policies proposed. I have a duty and a chore.

Stay tuned.

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domboy said...

I wish I had something profound to add, and even though I don’t, I still want to comment because you summed up so much, so well. I keep thinking that without universal involvement there can’t be much progress. The best thing a new leader can do is promote some kind of education system that provokes people to think for themselves. We’re all on auto pilot, including myself most of the time, and even a savior couldn’t do anything with a mass of dead souls like us. I guess we’re in some kind of rebellion right now, almost purposefully trying not to cultivate ourselves, after so many generations of dogmatic faith in principles that were established, and corrupted, long ago.