Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brief Thoughts on Time

We cannot store time.
- Time has no shelf life.
- Time is always spent, without remainder.
- Time unspent would be senseless

Time is spent in activity
- Some activity is required, eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc.
- Time not spent in required activity can be selected (i.e. optional)

Time can not be traded or exchanged
- Activity can be traded
- - Others can free up our time by spending theirs.
- - Some required activities can be done by others, increasing time open for selection
- - We can spend our time on another's purposes in exchange for non-time compensation.

I wonder how far this could be taken as the foundation of social interaction.  The single intrinsic element of value that we each naturally possess:  time.


Daniel Soler said...

You keep an interesting blog, I'm glad I found it.

For years I've been pondering the fact that it is common to refer to Time with language that befits currency. Can you talk about past activity and include the word "time" in your description without the verb "spend"? You could say "I occupied my time" but that sounds stilted in today's conversation. Time is often referred to as "valuable" or "precious" - and as a "resource". Numerous books exist on the topic of "time management", and no one bats an eye at the phrase "time is money".

I wonder how long people have talked about Time in this way? I suspect a connection with the advent of industry and factory work. A book referenced by another work I recently read may provide some answers; the title is, "Of Time, Work, and Leisure", by Sebastian de Garzia, it was first published in the early '60s, and I look forward to picking it up in the next few months.

Stacy said...

I'd ponder this if I only had the time to spend on it