Monday, March 30, 2009

Hopes for the week

I am hopeful that new approaches to extracting signal from moments of experience may succeed where the last two weeks did not.  These memes spawned from moment meme abstractions have become central to making more headway.  The entire project will succeed or fail upon this effort.

The failures of the last two weeks have been difficult to deal with but have been very useful.  They have increased understanding to the point where I feel that the deep refactor of philosophical approach that I am undergoing provides more exacting logic, less room for uncertainty and should over all, as I hope, find a pass through the terrain I'm struggling across.

Also, new methods of testing have been generated out of the last two weeks that codify some of the new understandings produced from the efforts.  These new tests and more coming behind them will help me implement the new approach with more clarity.

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domboy said...

It’s okay. In real life, if I knew you, I would give you time to figure you out. I figure you’d be worth it.