Monday, March 09, 2009

Brief Testimony of My Happy Disbelief

I have chosen to reject belief in the super natural.

I do not believe in ghosts, magic, witches, demons, fairies, or any other of the myriad and vast imaginings of humans. The detailed richness of these fantastical creatures and their exploits cannot be denied. We seem, as a species, to be nearly unfettered in our imaginative capabilities, and comparably uncritically credulous. Humans are not only willing to believe in the unprovable, the un-experienced, and unreasonable but from this sandy ground they are too often eager to persecute, ostracize, or wish future woes upon those that stand on a the more dependable ground reinforced and confirmed by daily experience and reason.

I do not profess belief in the unbelievable, or knowledge of the unknowable.

There have been more religions, and other super natural mental constructs than any man has years in his life. Those who lived believing in Zeus, Jupiter, Baal, Thor, Mithra, Mazda (the list could go on and on) overwhelm the number of those who live under the super natural beliefs currently active in the minds of men. Waves upon waves of parents and children have broke upon this life believing in the religions that happened to be active during their life times. These peoples were intelligent, sincere and comparable to ourselves. They, like those affected in our current time, were able to count all men wrong but themselves and those akin to them, with no more evidence or reason than the beliefs they themselves nurtured and entertained.

No super natural causes are respected as evidence or reason.

The majority of persons believing in fantastical constructs have done so since birth, received from parents and culture, inculcated during childhood and often retained until passed on once again. Children do not have a strong sense of what is possible and what is not. The parent is the priest of life's mysteries, showing them what is real and possible. The parent can corrupt this responsibility with beliefs in what is not real or possible, what is not natural. The children of these parents find it hard to escape these constructs and most often put them aside (but not away) and give them what minimum maintenance is required, living the majority of their lives with reason and sense.

Where a person is born, when, and to whom are the dominating factors influencing whether a person will believe in a religious construct and which one they will believe in. For this we are individually not responsible, we are products of our upbringing. The individual is responsible for why they keep them and pass them on. We, meaning capable adult humans, are each responsible for our own minds and must be brave enough to face the threats and punishments we were assured of as children.

I do not believe in fantasy. I was indoctrinated as a child, and it consumed too much of my youth. I cannot change or reclaim what was lost. I can enjoy and revel in a clear mind, cleaned of non natural constructs constantly conflicting with reality. I can choose to enjoy what is natural, enjoy the life that was given to me, and not to live in an abayent state, waiting for a life I have not been given.

My last several years free of belief in miracles, in god and magical communications with him have been the best of my entire life. I have chosen to set these constraints of fantasy aside and I have never been happier with myself, my life or those in it. Once free, I felt no measureable decrease, no loss, except the genial society of those who have not yet chosen to set fantasy aside.

This was a brief testimony of my happy disbelief.

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