Monday, March 16, 2009

Relief vs. Duty?

I listen to the news, and actively participate in a social news aggregating site. I used to do more, but pulled back after massive election fatigue. I'm trying to stay informed, but I'm coming to the conclusion that these habits are unhealthy, yet I feel some conflicting responsibility to stay informed and understand the wider context I'm living in. It is difficult to put a value on this context when so much of news is spun, expressed in hyperbole (often partisan), and everything seems to be delivered in an almost gleeful doom and fear mongering style.

The leadership of my country (and likely yours too) seems to tell the populace what they want to hear or what they think we need to hear, and in doing this expose what they really think about us. They think we're idiots. Maybe we are (as a populace), we let these people lead us.

I assume that if I unplug from the news cycle and the manipulation being directed against me that I will feel a weight fall from my shoulders, and if I do is that just the abdication of a responsibility that I'm feeling. How to reconcile?

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