Friday, March 20, 2009

The Santa Claus Deception

Theism trains children to increase their credulity sufficiently to accept explanations of the world that are unsupported by life experience: Noah, Virgin Birth, Miracles, Resurrection, etc.

Does the Santa Claus deception tradition prepare the credulity of children to receive faith based (as opposed to reality based) explanations?

The revelation of the Santa Claus deception coincides with the time when children start getting pressured to publicly and formally commit themselves to their faith.

Why does the revelation of this deception not also cause children to cast aside the other deceptions that follow?

Interestingly, children are encouraged to conspire with their authority figures to propagate this deception to their uninitiated siblings and other uninitiated children. The justification for this is the benefit of the uninitiated, don't "spoil" it for them. This training to propagate a deception for the good of others adds a curious element to my efforts to understand better the nature of theistic meme set.

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