Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Response to a Comment from Daniel Soler

It is my position that none of the external world can be categorized as true or false. It is the internal world that is articulated with facts that can be falsified. It is questions concerning the nature and role of falsified facts that peeks my interest. 



Daniel Soler said...

One of my favorite thinkers is Richard Feynman, who held that (and I am paraphrasing here) the person who develops a theorem or law is most responsible for challenging that result and seeking out the argument that could render it false. This calls for a comfort with questioning that does not waver, and with uncertainty that never wanes. Such thinking would often be informed by falsified facts.

Extra Gravy said...

Awesome quote, and so true. Its hard to embrace that never waning uncertainty, it becomes difficult... but I can find no way to proceed without keeping uncertainty close, it seems essential to remain aware of when to change my mind... which due to frequent necessity is relevantly frequent.