Friday, April 10, 2009

Stories End

Approaching the end of a biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Ray Monk) I find myself filled with empathy.  I find much of his behavior in life easy to understand.  This is not self aggrandizing, it is humbling.  He was difficult.  He struggled with problems no one else recognized, nor needed to.  Others imagined themselves in his position and could easily think how easy his life should be, "why wasn't he easier?"  Because living was not easy for him.  Biographies of this kind, the ones that hit confidence and change self image, the ones that have an aspect of a mirror to them, are important experiences:  Difficult maybe, delivering more than initially looked for certainly.  I'm approaching the end of this biography and wonder what comes after.  How will I deal with his death and the end of his story?  How will my story change?

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