Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wondering Why I Behave This Way

I sometims cry when I read good literature.  I do not fully know why, the occurrences do not significantly coincide with sadness in the works themselves so such an easy explanation is not available.  I suspect that it as an expression of deep appreciation for what the author has accomplished.  Maybe literary abstraction allows me to experience empathy more forcefully than in daily life which is terribly deeper.  I have never cried while listening to music like lovers of classical music profess is possible, but maybe there is a direct comparison between the experiences.

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domboy said...

This is a provocative thought. I cried twice watching Ivo Pogorelich playing Chopin. I cry a lot, but I don’t remember such a reaction while reading. I can’t articulate how such a thing happens, it’s almost subliminal, like a train of thought that is leading you into sleep - you follow it to somewhere deeper than your casual understanding. Daily life needs to be carefully edited before you can appreciate its true tragedy.