Saturday, May 23, 2009

I wonder…

I wonder if how we think about other people reflects how we think about ourselves. Maybe not directly but indirectly somehow. When I hear people talking as if the populace at large is indolent and fee loading, I wonder where that point of view comes from. We, as individuals, know a tiny fragment of the population personally. Our personal experience with people is so startlingly limited that it is hard to trust even my positive feelings about humanity as based in anything but wish.

So when I hear someone talk about shallow consumers I wonder if I could interpret this as a wish. The speaker wishes that his moral standing was so rarified that all the rest of the population would have to be shallow mindless consumption driven automatons.

I think I hear this talk of populace most when people talk about the governmental policies they do not like and come up with the negative outcome they think will occur. It makes more sense for me to hear this as wish than as a real logical expression.

How can we talk about 400 million people with any honest surety of accuracy?

The most accurate way I could generalize the populace would be to consider them generally like me, but in

widely variant circumstance.

Maybe that is a key difference.

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