Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Future... Bully Extraordinaire

The future does not exist. Not yet. It is only an anticipation, a personal expectation. Expectation of trouble can bring stress, grinding of teeth, and the hasty throwing of unnecessary baggage overboard. Expectation of ease can bring calm, smiling mouths and the piling up of decisions unmade. The future colors the present, tainting responses with expectation, with imagined reality.

The future does not exist yet, but my imaginings of what might be influence the present, sometimes more than what really is. The future can crush the present, and does. The future can be wrong and often is, but it can still trump what I know with what I only guess. I wonder if I should fear this future capability. I wonder why I let the future beat the shit out of the present on a daily basis.


domboy said...

I see flashes of genius within me, which I immediately attribute to my future, glorious self. I am now 38 years old though, so when, in sobriety and honest reflection, I reflect, it all becomes vainglory.

Dirt Clustit said...

yeah. me too