Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Time Thoughts

Time is not the medium we move through. I can move through the medium of water and air, but I do not move through time.

What do I mean when I say "move" in relation to time? Moving through water I displace water and can move, change my location, in multiple directions, and I can stop. Moving through air in a vertical fashion after jumping from a plane limits my ability to move, but by switching my bodily configuration I can speed up and slow down, but I can not stop. Both can be called moving, but the ability to stop is not common to them so I will not consider it essential for moving. Both allow me to change my location, although water allows all directions, air allows one vertically and many horizontally when propelled upon the ground (should come back to this...), so it seems that a single direction of location change is sufficient since I would feel accurate in saying a sky diver moves through the medium of air. Say why is Time not a medium then akin to vertical movement through air?

I think it is only the language that I'm using that makes the logic seem to support Time as a medium I can move through. Move may be correct, if and only if Time is a "medium". If Time is a medium then I should be able to move through it. A medium is something with substance, it can be sensed and the properties sensed can be changed: heated, cooled, etc. Time can not be sensed. Time has no properties that can be sensed, it has no articulation. Time is not a substance with which we can interact, it is not a medium.

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