Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looking for a New Dance

Life begins to feel like early school years. Pressures to conform. Others mainly desire you to go through the motions, as they do. Motions. The motions should mean more.

Many tease with meaning, but dissapoint and remain. Why must they remain when they have proven deficient?

Why do people still value monetary income so highly, as if it possessed meaning? It teases with meaning but dissapoints, and remains. Socially normative pressure to earn more remains. Claps from family at promotions, even when it costs quality of life, even when it estranges the promoted from what has meaning.

Desire for us to go through the motions, desire for us to value what has so little value is a social force softly and constantly blowing against us, bending us like a tree on a cliff's edge, bowed to the unrelenting wind. We are maimed by society.

What should our response to this state of life be? While going through the motions, as we must, we can consider this question. Questions of meaning are not easy, but we have time to think while empty motions are executed again and again. A dance we have been taught since children.

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