Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Quality vs. Novelty

Eat the same breakfast every day
Kiss the same lips every morning
Shave then shower
Read your favorite book again
Look at your favorite painting
Each night after drinking

Listen to albums held up as quality
For longer than you've been alive
Read books written long before the printing press
Each copy, hand produced,
Stamps of quality in the long effort spent

Our lives are short, and
Little is left to us once duty
has taken her share, so
Invest your mind in deep quality
Place the majority of your bets
in proven returns.

Loose faith in the value of new
By renewing your trust in
Routine and personal
daily ritual
By renewing your love of
Proven quality and value
That can be relied upon
To deliver
Time and
Time again.

The new is a temptation to place value
Without any reason but hope.
The new should be seen clearly
And this often requires a
Retreat from marketing
And sales efforts
The pushers of the new
For the sake of consuming
The new.

Retreat and clear your mind.
See the new for what it is
An occasional benefit
A necessary aspect of the world
But not its luminary star
Not the center of value
Not the warm bright
Beating heart of what can
Drive us forward.

I'm still retreating
Into perspective
Still wondering
How long it will take to see the new
In a clear and un-marketed light.

Until I have perspective
I will trust to moderation
And assume that the new
Is unhealthy in both excess
and absence.

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