Sunday, November 15, 2009

How do people survive corporate jobs?
Where do they hide their souls
So they don't get stepped on daily?
How do they make it through the days,
The meetings, and the routinely ignorant
I don't know how other people do it.

Start-up companies push you to burn out
And absorb an enormous amount of life,
But at least you're doing something
Making real progress, towards a goal
That is identifiable and achievable (well…)

These large established corporations are breeding grounds
For some kind of human rot.
I'm already feeling empty and glassy eyed.
I'm starting to itch and I'm worried I'm rotting,
Slowly decaying,
Being drained by the abundance of emotion
And the near void of logical reasoning.

The group think of the barely educated
Managing the production staff into
Suicide, fast or slow, it amounts to the same thing
A giving up on life, a giving up on that gripping
Strong feeling of vitality when you are free to run
With tongue out and eyes fixed on the target
Running, running

Tell me you haven't given all that up under
A guise of wisdom, with pale platitudes of
"the way the world works"
"it is what it is"
Or pathetic day dreams of vacations, retirement
And comforting entertainments waiting at home
That are only needed to sooth the pain of the work day.

If we were running, creating and free
We would never consume the amounts of TV
Food and trinkets we do, but we do
We need it, to ensure the slow suicide
Instead of the fast.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Yup, thank goodness for corporate inefficiency. It keeps us consultants busy with cleanup. ;-)))