Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mission Statements, Handbooks, and Trickle Down Oppression

Its amazing how quickly and vigorously a company can crush personal initiative. Such a hidden eagerness to take and take and reduce until the only reason you are there is that the pay is barely more useful to your life than the job is harmful - such eagerness is psychopathically self damaging. Some people barely care coming into the job but some people care by nature. These people take longer to flatten out and deflate. These people must be beaten and reduced multiple times before they give up, before they are reduced to surviving their days. When the company succeeds in this, as they always do, they have exhibited a broken behavior indicative of corporate governance of its employees.

I can't believe we still work within corporate structures. This is an awful way to govern our efforts.


Marvin the Martian said...

Corporations are mind-killing machines. But thank God for them, because we consultants will always have jobs. ;->

Extra Gravy said...

Good point :-) Also should mention that the only thing redeeming these institutions are the actual people we work with on a daily basis.