Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Sh*t"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advice on Interview Anxiety

When experiencing anxiety while interviewing for a job, remember that you have no control over whether they hire you or not.  The decision is theirs, not yours, you have no control.   Holding the "getting the job" goal will continue to cause anxiety.  Instead internalize your goal, into being friendly, clear and reasonable.  Make your goal an accurate presentation of yourself.  This is within your control.  If you can give up the goals that are outside your control and pick up the ones that are within your control, you will find that your anxiety is replaced by confidence.

In this way each interview is a chance for you to practice reasonable self presentation.  Do this and you've succeeded.  The decision to hire you or not, is someone else's chance to be reasonable.  Wish them the best, knowing you've kicked ass.

(This can of course be applied to other things... but I've been applying it to an extended interview process :-)