Friday, July 11, 2014

Microsoft: Lighten your stock holdings

Microsoft just cancelled my gold membership, and they sent me an email to let me know.  They had an old credit card number and it needed to be updated, which is very common these days due to all the hacking, etc.  Other companies send me friendly emails when an attempted charge fails and I go and update it.  Microsoft tried to charge the old number six different times, but only contacted me once they had finally cancelled the account.  Why would they not try and keep me a paying customer?  I was paying for my Gold membership more out of momentum than actual usage.  If they had given me a courtesy email I might have stayed but now I'm cancelled so I reviewed the membership benefits... Not what you want people doing Microsoft.

This is not the first time Microsoft decided they didn't want my money.  They also abandoned their online music pay service, Zune, kicked me off and forced me to look elsewhere.  Then a couple years later they start up another service Xbox Music... screw you MS.  Why would I waste time with your pathetic fits and starts.  You guys seem so eager to abandon your paying customers...

CON:  Given the lack luster Xbox-One product, their careless customer service, and their repeated failure to connect with the consumer market I'm pulling back from MS's consumer products.  This group had so much potential, but they have spent it down to nothing.  MS needs to clean this part of their organization up badly.

PRO:  Online MS Office is awesome.  They did this really well and I'm happy to be paying for Office 365.  Its worth it.

PRO:  They also still rule in the development world, their IDE is the best and their online visual studio product is getting really impressive.  So I'm more than ever in support of them in this space.  They are dominate and still seem be driven in the right directions, most of the time.