Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Self is Response

Self is Response

We know that our conscious awareness accounts for a minority of actual brain activity, we know that we cannot force ourselves to remember, sometimes we must wait and the memory will come, in its own time.  We know that we were waiting on something else, that we do not control but that cooperates with our conscious awareness.  We are more than our conscious awareness, our capabilities are greater than this and more loosely connected than we often know or admit.

How can we know ourselves?  We can know ourselves by our responses, by our behavior.  How do I respond to given situations?  How I respond defines my current self.  My responses are the imprint of my full self upon circumstance, from these I should be able to improve my understanding, increase my self knowledge beyond my conscious self.  Self is response, when our responses are stable and predictable then people can trust us and know us, because when responses stabilize a self is formed and persisted until new responses are appropriate.

We are not knowable until a self stabilizes.   My current self, who I am, is expressed in my responses.  Look at my responses and know me.  Maybe there is more to me than my responses, but there is not less.  My responses are mine, and whoever I might truly be, it cannot be distanced from the testament of my own behavior.

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