Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Minute

how strange to be restless
agitated and bored

looking out windows
as if ships could be seen
coming in

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Conversation; disciple and master

You’ve misunderstood the question completely.  It’s not, “What will you die for?”  It’s, “What will you live for?”  People die without any reason all the time, and many after living without any reason either.  It’s living with reason that we are trying to talk about, and if you aren’t going to try any harder than this, I’d just as soon get back to my books.

How do you live for something?  Most of our days aren’t much more than fetching water, lighting candles, making paper, collecting paper and the occasional trip to fetch ink.  How does any of that encompass a reason to live?

I cannot give you a reason to live, nor can I define your purpose in life any better than I have already.  I can’t make you wise and would not even if I could.  You must grow into your potential, there is no good in my stretching you into shape, and such force leaves the disciple brittle and misshapen, only to be done in extreme distress.  An ugly and difficult process.

But you know these things.  You know that I love you, and you remember your lessons.  If you want a command to follow, find a calm and quiet place and meditate for two days, drinking only water and eating simply and sparsely.  Speak to no one.  When you have done this, return to me and we will speak of what is to come.

Yes master, I hear and obey.