Thursday, August 25, 2016

Morning Notes

  • Remember that reality is circumstance.
  • Remember the multiplicity of self.
  • Remember that response is self.

We respond to our circumstances.  Our responses define us.  We learn from change.  Learning changes our responses to circumstance, changing who we are in the process.

How you respond is who you are, and how you respond changes over time as do you

Each response we make to circumstance changes us.  All action is self-change.  To pick up a glass of water I am making numerous changes in my body.  My action begins with changing myself, which subsequently changes circumstance.

I can only change my circumstance by changing myself through actions taken as response to that circumstance.  I can only improve my response, or pattern of self change, by learning from change.  Learning brings changes to responses.  Change yourself, change your world.

We must be able at a minimum to deliberate a response to circumstance, take that response, make the self changes that are part of the response, and observe resulting changes to circumstance.

Learning starts when two two circumstances are connected by the responses selected.  Change can be detected and associated with the response and circumstance.

Message to a friend

I'm sorry you were raised with a religious world view.  You are going to try and make sense out of so many things, that just don't make any sense.  You could spend years slowly growing out of the box you were forced into as a child.  It will take time.

First you must accept that you are not broken or evil.  You were not born with some curse or sin from thousands of years ago.  You don't require some metaphorical bath in blood to clean off the imaginary guilt from something you didn't do.  Original sin is bullshit.  You were born innocent and free.  Once you can take original sin out of your world view things get brighter and happier.

So first, think seriously about original sin.  Think through what you are telling others with that doctrine and what you were told as a child.  In your innocence and freedom you were constrained by imaginary guilt from the past;  told you will suffer horrifically and that you deserve it. Your parents showed no outrage, they seemed to agree that you were stained and tainted by original sin, and that only other violent imaginings could help you, you need a disgusting bath in blood, and you could get this by submitting to them and their sick story.  "Just confess your guild... come on do it."  You with so little experience and innocent and unable to protest or protect yourself could do nothing but bow your head and admit how sinful you are, even though you were not.  You were a child.  You did not deserve suffering.  You did not deserve eternal loneliness and death, and you shouldn't have been threatened with it.  You deserved love and attention.  You deserved patience while you learned, not beatings.  You deserved a nurturing loving home.  You were told you had one.  You didn't know any better at the time.

Now you know better or are beginning to wonder.  You may still have a host of fears trying to freeze you into inaction.  Make them prove themselves.  Accept no fear unless it is reasonable.  Most of all give yourself the time you need.  It could take a decade or more to undo what was done to you.  Be patient and brave.  Let yourself slowly emerge.

Care for yourself enough to protect yourself from those who would push ugly hateful doctrines on you.  Do not accept them.  Do not submit.  Always remember who you are and what you have done, and base your self worth on that, not on Adam, not on Jesus, not on the jabbering voices of those evangelizing.

I went through it, and so can you.  Its not your fault if you grew up in a fundamental religion.  Its never too late to free yourself from it.  You will be happier, and you will see others in a brighter more optimistic light.  You will find that many humans wrote books with wisdom in them, now all open for you benefit.  Take what you like and leave the rest.  Slowly, deliberately put your new self together.