Thursday, August 25, 2016

Morning Notes

  • Remember that reality is circumstance.
  • Remember the multiplicity of self.
  • Remember that response is self.

We respond to our circumstances.  Our responses define us.  We learn from change.  Learning changes our responses to circumstance, changing who we are in the process.

How you respond is who you are, and how you respond changes over time as do you

Each response we make to circumstance changes us.  All action is self-change.  To pick up a glass of water I am making numerous changes in my body.  My action begins with changing myself, which subsequently changes circumstance.

I can only change my circumstance by changing myself through actions taken as response to that circumstance.  I can only improve my response, or pattern of self change, by learning from change.  Learning brings changes to responses.  Change yourself, change your world.

We must be able at a minimum to deliberate a response to circumstance, take that response, make the self changes that are part of the response, and observe resulting changes to circumstance.

Learning starts when two two circumstances are connected by the responses selected.  Change can be detected and associated with the response and circumstance.

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