Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fauna Taking Measure

We are not vegetation.
We can change situations
  when we have had enough of them,
    or when we have taken their measure.

Why did man travel out of Africa,
  over mountains,
    across deserts,
      and across seas?

What drives us away from the known,
  and away from our comfortable places?

Desire for a better situation, of course.
Seeking an improved mold of self,
  better than the one

Selves are always changing,
  occasionally noticed,
    and now is the next step
    ,the next self, we will be standing upon
    (on the way up,
      or down).

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Doing Well

When I say I'm doing well,
I mean that my active selves 
fit reasonably well into my
daily experience. 

When I say I'm doing well,
I mean that my dominant self
looks to be forming 
                  into a 
                         solid     up.

When I say I'm doing well,
I'm expecting my next self 
to be even better than
the one writing
this poem.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

No escape now; time for coffee and something sweet.

Afternoon comes.  Horrible time.  The hope and enthusiasm of the morning burning away, leaving clock watching nerves.  Afternoon anxiety.  A time of transition, when failures occur.  Things break at night, sure, but they didn’t start breaking then, just finished.  No, failures occur in the afternoon.  Things break when we are getting those afternoon coffees and snacks.  When we are about to put in that last work session of the day.  That is when it hits you, or slides out from under you, or comes at you sideways, whatever… that is when it happens.  You may not notice.  You may feel off a bit, or not in step.  You may not notice, too busy or too distracted.  You just broke, and you might not know it.  This is where a certain type of mystery comes from, “What happened?”  All mystery comes from ignorance, of course, but this type of mystery is avoidable, just have to notice the small things and get lucky.

Of course, it must be said that sometimes, all wisdom can do is change “What happened?” to “Here it comes.”