Monday, February 06, 2017

Vintage Media

Let your media age a little, before consumption.  After a year or so good movies, TV, and music will still be good, but the bad media will be more obviously bad and therefore much easier to identify and avoid.  Likewise good media becomes easier to discover after time has passed, since many professionals and enthused amateurs provide reviews, critiques, and favorite lists in a dizzying variety.  These are resources aiding our selection of a past vintage, helping us to have a higher quality media experience.

A simple habit of avoiding green-media, aged less than a year, coupled with the thoughtful selection of proven and aged media content will increase your pleasure from these experiences, and decrease your pain.

Considering a movie?  Look at its release date.  If its got at least a year under its belt it will be reviewed sufficiently to inform your selection.

If you have the feeling that there is nothing good to watch, parse this feeling and notice if you really mean, there is nothing new to watch.  There is a deep pool of high quality movies to watch once you are free of the tyranny of the new.  And given the decades of production behind us, you likely have barely scratched the surface of the obviously good stuff, let alone begun to dig down into your own unique tastes and appreciations.

Free yourself from the tyranny of the new, avoid green media, and improve your experience.